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A Microcurrent Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation and Sculpting

Session is way beyond a simple cosmetic facial treatment. You begin in our professional treatment room with soft lighting and soothing music. An all natural lotion designed to aid in the microcurrent process is applied; if you come in with your makeup on, we'll remove it at the start of your session.

The secret to our age-defying results is our “magic wands.” The two wands are specifically tuned to pulse in a precise, calculated series. It took over ten years of clinical research to perfect this pattern so that you will get the best possible results as you progress through your sessions, and achieve dynamic and lasting changes to both your face and your body!

The microcurrent stimulates the release of beneficial Neurotransmitters (endorphins and other helpful brain chemicals), causing overall relaxation and central nervous system stimulation, which reduces stress and has positive effects on your overall health and well-being. So, you will look better, and you will feel great!

Additional Direct Benefits Include:

  • Diminishes or eliminates fine lines, creases, and wrinkles
  • Hydrates and revitalizes skin, making it smoother and softer
  • Improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Rejuvenates the "pink glow" of youthful radiance
  • Visibly firms and contours, lifting the overall droop
  • Tightens sagging jowls, doubling chins, and fatty cheeks
  • Clears up or reduces acne
  • Reduces the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite on the body
  • Reduces scarring and dimpling from laser resurfacing
  • Reduces dark circles or puffiness under eyes
  • Reduces symptoms of Sinusitis, Rhinitis, and Rosacea
  • Stress reduction and enhanced relaxation
  • See the benefits: Facial Sculpting and Body Sculpting
  • And much, much more!
Pittsburgh Facial & Body Sculpting | Sessions. Dr. Scott Pint is a Pittsburgh Facial & Body Sculpting.